Kumquat Marmalade

Yummy with toast and butter

By Sufyan DawoodjeePublished

Jars of marmalade



  1. Wash kumquats and remove blemishes
  2. Slice kumquats into ~3-5mm circular cross sections into dish
  3. Zest lemon into dish
  4. Extract lemon pulp into chunks and remove rind, then add to dish
  5. Weigh mixture, then add 3/4 as much sugar by weight
  6. Mix sugar into mixture
  7. Macerate mixture by letting it sit at room temperature for a couple hours or overnight in the fridge
  8. Place mixture into pot
  9. (Optionally) grate 1 teaspoon ginger into mixture
  10. Boil mixture on medium heat
  11. Periodically mix with silicon spatula
  12. Take it out when it's ready (watch a video)
  13. Pour hot mixture into sanitized jars and seal
  14. Allow jars to sit until cooled to room temperature
  15. Refrigerate and eat