Sufyan Dawoodjee - -


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Master of Science in Computer Science, GPA 3.91, May 2017

University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, GPA 4.0, December 2014


JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, C, Python, Java, SQL, Bash


Qualcomm, San Diego, CA, Software Engineer, July 2017 – February 2018

  • Wrote C++ implementing new features in the base station physical layer software of a simulation of OneWeb's satellite network
  • Developed Python utility for automating physical layer base station testing
  • Identified, reproduced, debugged, fixed, and validated basestation bugs

Qualcomm, San Diego CA, Software Engineering Intern, May 2016 – August 2016

  • Added benchmarking functionality to embedded C GSM modem drivers
  • Developed Python web app for uploading benchmarks and analyzing trends

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

  • Taught lectures, gave demonstrations, fielded student questions, and graded assignments and projects for Compilers and Processor Design

J.P. Morgan Chase, Tampa, FL, Application Developer Intern, June 2014 – August 2014

  • Added client account information to the Global Liquidity Engine JSF web app


Saka Key

  • A Chrome and Firefox extension for keyboard-only web browsing
  • Built with JavaScript (ES6+), Preact, Redux, Webpack, and Material Components


  • Elegant tab search and more for Chrome and Firefox

Chip-8 Emulator

  • A cross-platform Chip-8 emulator written in C
  • Ported to the web with Emscripten

Tiger Compiler

  • Developed a custom language to MIPS assembly compiler
  • Designed and implemented components including a table-driven scanner, table-driven parser, type checker, IR code generator, multiple register allocators and MIPS code generator


  • Developed and published a JavaScript library that simplifies Chrome extension messaging
  • Designed a simple, declarative, event-driven, pub/sub API with built-in logging

Havoc Todo

  • A web and android task management app built for a team project

Full-Custom Thermometer ASIC

  • Designed, built and tested the schematic and layout of a CMOS circuit for displaying ambient temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit on seven-segment displays